2017    The 10th Shin To-Cho Tokyo Exhibit

"......  Makiko Hattori presents two pieces from her 'heart' series, and 'untitled'. 'Heart' series is inspired by the organ. They exhibit energetic form, and the lines are engraved and glazed in red, generating lively and joyous rhythms."  -  The Togyo Jiho,  No. 1837

Shougeki 57x42x28 BW.jpg

2017    NAU Art Exhibit

"......  'Impact' by Makiko Hattori is an intuitive representation of the artist's emotional reaction after the 2011 Tōhoku Earthquake and Tsunami.  With dominant lines that traverse this sinking dark-blue form, her work evokes the impact we felt on that day, which may have been fading deep in our memory"  -  The Togyo Jiho,  No. 1831

Hajimarinohajimari (katakana) (1) 26x28x42 BW.jpg

2016    Shin To-Cho Tokyo Exhibit

"......  By eliminating face from her recent series of work featuring busts, Makiko Hattori’s ‘The Beginning of A Beginning II’ pursues primordial elements otherwise hidden, such as brain and the neural network."  -  The Togyo Jiho,  No. 1817

2014    Shin To-Cho Tokyo Exhibit

"......  ‘I had a sense of unease and ambiguity, and so decided to just move my hands following my instinct’, says the artist, Makiko Hattori.  ‘One Day’ was crystalized in this experimental interaction between expression and introspection - an emerging female face invoking retrospection of her late mother.  A contemplating figure sitting on the motherly terrain.  Is it the artist herself, or is it just everyone that beholds this piece?"  -  The Togyo Jiho,  No. 1773

Fuzainokatachi 62x23x120 BW.jpg

Man And Woman 45x43x46 angle1 color2 BW.jpg

2013  Shin To-Cho Nagoya Exhibit

"......  Makiko Hattori's 'Man & Woman' exhibits many structural characters.  Abstracted human faces appear in different angles, and the iron glaze sprayed on the ridges of the form enhances the contour of this painting-like object.  This conceptual sculpture also functions as a vase."  -  Tosetsu, No. 723 (by Takao Inoue)


Blue Line - II 25x20x47 2012 for press.jpg

2012  Shin To-Cho Nagoya Exhibit

"......  Makiko Hattori presents 'Blue Line'. The white lines that run across the structure confer lively warmth upon cold inorganic shape. Its architecture that joins multiple pipe-like elements makes one imagine the unreachable inner structure of a nuclear reactor."  -  Tosetsu, No. 711 (by Takao Inoue)

Man And Woman 45x43x46 angle1 color2 BW.jpg

2009    Shin To-Cho Kyokai 10-year Anniversary Exhibit

"......  Makiko Hattori presents ‘Shape of Absence’ that features a hat and a blouse of her late mother.  Overcoming technical challenges of working with multiple types of clay, her work lucidly evokes grief and loss.  Makiko says she is driven by her interest in human body and soul.  Through this work, she ‘learned that even the clothes in the absence of the owner’s body richly reflect the soul of the wearer’, says the artist."  -  The Togyo Jiho,  No. 1817

Translation: D.H.