Makiko Hattori is a ceramic artist based in Gifu, Japan. 


Makiko’s creative process is driven by emotive changes in social issues as well as her personal life.  Her devotion to create forms that did not exist before, and the experimental and dynamic nature of her production process, often lead to better understanding of herself.  Her work is therefore very personal, and evokes vivid images and emotions she experienced at the time of production.  


Makiko grew up in a family with love for music.  She herself plays the piano and the violin, and her love for music culminated in the foundation of “The Earth” in 1988, an art and music group that creates and performs “sound objects”.  

In 1988, the world was filled with the momentum and hope anticipating the end of the Cold War.  A new standard and order of the free world were about to be born.  In an experiment to create entirely new music in this new world, "The Earth" was conceived by a contemporary music composer, Hideo Hotta, and a group of ceramic artists including Makiko.  They produced ceramic musical instruments, “sound objects”, and orchestrated concerts under Hotta's direction, in which the artists themselves performed the instruments.  "The Earth" was active for over three years, and this experience reinforced Makiko’s commitment to create art with freedom and originality. 


Makiko structures her art by experimenting different combinations of freehand straight and curved lines.  Creating ceramics is a slow process with many constraints, which may seem obsolete especially in this time of ever-increasing efficiency.  Makiko believes in the significance, however, of creating new forms that did not exist before, with the ancient material, rich in its flavor despite of all its constraints, using the ancient method of firing.  She finds utmost joy in pursuing to create art, a new synthesis of shape and color, that brightens our space and our spirit.

Selected Group Exhibits

NAU in Paris,  galerie metanoia (Paris, France)

The 45th ARTEX NY,  Ward-Nasse Gallery (Soho, New York)

2016 - Present
NAU Art Exhibit,  The National Art Center (Roppongi, Tokyo)

2014 - Present
Shin To-Cho Tokyo Exhibit,  Salon de G (Ginza, Tokyo)

2012 & 2014
San-nin-san-yo Ceramic Exhibit,  Art Izuminosato Gallery (Karuizawa, Nagano)

2009 - Present
Zero-no-kai Exhibit,  Gallery Kubota (Kyobashi, Tokyo)

Three Artists Exhibit for Calligraphy and Ceramics,  Gallery CHUTO (Nagoya, Aichi)

2005 - Present
Shin To-Cho Kyoto Exhibit,  Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art (Kyoto, Kyoto)

2004 - Present
Shin To-Cho Nagoya Exhibit,  Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art (Nagoya, Aichi)

2002 - 2010
NAU Art Exhibit,  Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Ueno, Tokyo)

2001 - Present
Genryu Art Exhibit,  The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu (Gifu, Gifu)

1989 - 1992
"The Earth" - Sound Object Concert,  World Design Expo '89 and other venues

1985 - 2003
Shin Kogei Shudan M-Kai Exhibit

Solo Exhibits

HANA  ("Flower"),  Gallery Wadachi (Ginza, Tokyo)

HANA NO UTSUWA  ("Flower-ware"),  Tajimi Sozokan Gallery (Tajimi, Gifu)

HATTORI MAKIKO,  Gallery Kura (Gifu, Gifu)

HATTORI MAKIKO,  Gallery Moose (Seki, Gifu)

Awards and Invitations

Invited Artist-  Seven Awardee Exhibit, Japan Contemporary Art Association, Gallery K (Kyobashi, Tokyo)

Honorable Mention (no Grand Prize)  -  The 45th ARTEX NY

Invited Artist,  Museum Collection  -  China/Japan/Korea International Ceramic Art Exhibit

Grand Prize  -  Tajimi Art Exhibit

First Prize  -  Tajimi Art Exhibit


2009  -  Present

2004  -  Present
Shin To-Cho Kyokai

2002  -  Present
NAU (New Artist Unit)

2001  -  Present

1988  -  1992
Ceramic Art and Design Group "The Earth"  -  founding member

1985  -  2003
Shin Kogei Shudan M-Kai

Education and Training

Oil painting study under Shinji Yoshie

International Christian University

Aichi Prefectural Institute of Ceramic Technology

Gifu Prefectural Ceramics Research Institute


NHK Culture Gifu Sunday School of Ceramics